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  • Agreement

    Each of the undersigned, in his or her individual capacity, and in any representative capacity (each of the undersigned, in such capacity or capacities an “Applicant”) warrants that the information provided in this application is true to the best of his/her/its knowledge and acknowledges that this loan request does not constitute a commitment by NextGear Capital Corporation (“NextGear Capital”). Applicant further understands that NextGear Capital may approve or reject this application, and loan to Applicant such amount, if any, upon such terms and conditions as NextGear Capital shall determine. Applicant accepts full responsibility for transactions completed by all authorized buyers designated by Applicant on his/her/its NextGear Capital line of credit. By signing below, Applicant as well as individual owners or partners (“Owners”) hereby consent to the collection, use and sharing of the personal information, including information requested in this application and/or credit and other information relating to Applicant and/or Owners by, between and from NextGear Capital, NextGear Capital, Inc., Manheim Auto Auctions Company (“Auctions”), AuctionTec LLC (“Auction ACCESS”), credit bureaus, financial institutions (including those with whom Applicant and/or Owners transact), trade creditors, other finance companies, NextGear Capital’s affiliates (including subsidiaries, sister or parent companies, whether direct or indirect) auctions and others, for the following purposes: (i) for conducting credit verifications, assessing credit worthiness and monitoring credit status, from time to time; (ii) for assessing whether personal guarantees or other forms of security will be required from them; (iii) for assisting in collections; and (iv) for verifying Applicants and/or Owners’ identity in an effort to prevent or reduce fraud resulting from impersonation. NextGear Capital requests either the SIN, driver’s license or Canadian passport number of Applicants’ and Owners in order to verify their identity and facilitate the expeditious processing of this application. Within their respective organizations, only credit analysts, members of the credit committee, managers and employees of NextGear Capital, NextGear Capital, Inc., Auctions and Auction ACCESS working on Applicant’s account will have access thereto. Information requested herein will be held by NextGear Capital and NextGear Capital, Inc. in Carmel, IN, U.S. Such information can be accessed and/or corrected by sending a written request to the fax or email address above. Questions concerning applicable privacy policies and practices of can be sent to such address, Attn: Director of Lending. Where personal information is stored or processed outside of Canada, it is subject to the laws of that foreign jurisdiction, and may be accessible to that jurisdiction’s governments, courts or law enforcement or regulatory agencies.

    NextGear Capital may disclose information regarding the financial status, payment history and paying habits of Applicants and Owners to NextGear Capital’s affiliated businesses (including, without limitation,, Dent Wizard and Online Vehicle Exchange) so that the latter may better assess credit worthiness if and when marketing or offering their own products and services to such persons. If any undersigned individual disagrees with disclosure of his/her personal information to such businesses for marketing purposes, he/she may opt out by sending a written request to the fax or email address above.

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